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METEX Creations was conceived in 1999 as a creative shop, offering full- spectrum conceptual and technical services in virtual market spaces for our clients, utilizing a core team that consists of professionals in advertising, communication strategists and designers of vivid business communication platforms.

Staying abreast of emerging technologies and contemporary marketing concepts, Metex has empowered an eclectic range of clients in their marketing efforts and across different stages of their brand and product life-cycles, delivering tailor made communication solutions.

Businesses the world over are right now at the threshold of a technological revolution that is evolving at mind boggling speeds and bringing with it exciting new platforms and opportunities for communication with markets, now and in the future.

At METEX we have worked on continuous innovation, harnessing new technologies and emerging trends in contemporary media. Evaluating their impact on target audiences, we have created communication channels that harmonically meld human relationships and technology. Consistently delivering cutting edge communication solutions for our clients has enabled us to achieve a positive growth curve over the years.

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